MIY Questions Answered
We know you will have a few questions...you’re not the first. Below are some of the most common questions our customers ask...answered by our MIY Experts.
Do these blinds keep out mosquitos?
Our blinds reduce mosquitos but we can’t guarantee they will 100% keep them out. We would recommend the HD Plus Blind for best results for this application.
What is your warranty?
Please refer to our warranty page.
Where are these blinds made?
Alfresco blinds, patio blinds, verandah blinds or pergola blinds, however you like to refer to them. All our blinds are 100% Australian made.
Do we provide a fixed option or other shapes?
We can provide a fixed option, but we only take these orders from our contractors or agencies.
How do I clean my blinds?
Please use soapy water and a hose down. For coastal areas, this should be done once every 6 to 8 weeks.
What fixing should we use in coastal areas?
We find either zinc coated or galvanised screws are the best in terms of strength, however, we do recommend you either spray them with anti-corrosion and or spray them afterwards with exterior paint.

You can use stainless steel fixing, but be careful when over tightening them.
Are these blinds good for coastal areas?
All our blinds are suited to coastal areas providing you keep regularly maintained. Our fabric is a marine grade PVC, our extrusions are made in Australia from Australian aluminium, we use UV treated plastic components and marine grade stainless steel.
What sort of wind ratings do these blinds handle?
The more fabric you have on your blind the less wind it can handle. This also depends on the direction and how exposed the blind is to high winds.

We recommend blinds approximately 3-metres wide with a 2.4 metre drop. All our blinds are made strong and can handle tough weather but this is the optimum size for withstanding wind.
What is the difference between clear PVC fabric and Mesh fabric?
Clear PVC fabric is a full block out of all-weather. We use a marine grade PVC that can also come as a tinted fabric. Unfortunately we can only offer a 2-year warranty on clear PVC as they tend to scratch and/or stain over time. They are appropriate in circumstances where you’d like absolutely no rain at all, however we highly recommend mesh for most applications.

Our mesh fabric comes in a wide range of colours, and there are 2 types to choose from. A 99% block-out and a 94% block-out, which is the most popular. The 94% block out fabric means it has a 6% open factor meaning that when high pressure rain drives in there's a chance that it will allow some mist through.

The darker colours offer a better view, this fabric is great for year-round use and provides privacy. We high frequency weld all our blind pockets meaning there will be no sewn-in cotton that will deteriorate over time.
Why do we measure the top, middle and bottom for the widths?
It is an important tactic to write the same measurement down twice (measure twice, cut once).

Also, most openings are slightly different at the top to the bottom, on most applications we take the smallest measurement and make the blinds to that size. This is because, if the blind was made to the TOP biggest measurement, then as the blind runs down the channel to the smallest measurement, the bottom rail can get tight. It's important that you make us aware in the comment section if your top and bottom measurement are greater than 10mm difference.
What happens if I measure the wrong size, or incorrectly order?
If you measure the blind too large please return to our workshop, we will cut down and remake the blind for $175.

If the blind is too small and needs to be completely remade we will do this for a discounted price once the blind is returned.

We will always do our best to accommodate for errors. Please refer to our warranty page.
Do you need a hood box or back angle?
Our blinds are designed to handle the harsh Australian climate so a back angle and hood box are not essential, however we encourage the use of them as the back angle will finish off the back part of the blind and the hood box will fully enclose the blind. Please see the gallery for a visual demonstration of with and without these products.
Motorised vs manual operated?
Motorised is easier to operate, offers higher tension and is more aesthetically appealing, however it is the more expensive option.

Both options come with a 5-year warranty and are simple to operate.
Where do you deliver to?
We deliver anywhere in Australia within reason. We use Toll, a nationwide company, for freight but in some remote areas unfortunately we will need to add a further charge.

We also offer a pickup service and we are also happy to hold your product to arrange your own freight service.

We are happy to ship overseas, however, each job will be priced on application.
Can you have different colours for different blinds?

Each Blind is custom made as if its the only blind you have ordered.

You can have a different colour fabric for each blind and you can also choose a different powder coat colour for each blind. 

Are these blinds easy to install by myself?
If you are adept at DIY then most blinds can be done as a one-man install. We always recommend that when it comes to erecting the blind that you have a second person, especially if it's over 3 metres wide, or being installed at height. Our blinds average about 12kg each so please consider your lifting capability.
What's the widest span and drop for an outdoor blind?
We span up to 5.8 metres wide and the drop up to 4 metres. We have made a recommendation on the most suitable size for each blind type.
What's the turnaround time from ordering to dispatch?

We generally deliver within 2-3 weeks, however this may be slightly longer in busy periods such as summer. We always provide confirmation at the time of order.

What support do I receive after I purchase my blinds?

MIY offers a lot of support options. Videos, Q & As, support email address and we have plenty of distributors and installers if you get really stuck.

MIY also has loads of photos of different applications that will help you understand the product and how it's installed.

What fixing come with the order and what fixings to i need?

Each job is different depending on the application your fixing the blinds too.

You can download our Tool & fixing list on our MIY support page. We have outlined what fixings come with the order, what fixing you will need and what fixings you might need.

What Tools do I need?

Each job is different depending on the application your fixing the blinds too.

You can download our Tool & fixing list on our MIY support page. we have outlined what tools you will need and what tools you might need. We have also outlined what fixings come with the order and what fixing you will need and what fixings you might need.

Can MIY Somfy motors be hard wired?

Somfy motors can be hard-wired after they have been programmed. For DIY purposes its easy to have the motors connect directly to a GPO so you can easily turn on and off the power to the motor for programming.

For more information visit Somfys website.


What percentage of deposit dose MIY take?

We take 30% deposit at the time of placing an order.

Once the job is complete and ready for dispatch or pick up, we will require the remaining 70% prior.

Photos of the product can be arranged if required. 

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