Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds
The Wire Guide Outdoor Blind is designed mainly for an outdoor window application and/or for somewhere you can’t easily access. Wire Guide Blinds do exactly as their name suggests, running up and down on a stainless steel wire, which guides the blind to sit at your desired setting and stops the bottom rail from blowing around. We have added weight to the bottom rail as well as locking it into the tensioned stainless steel wire to keep the blind secure at all times.

Having this blind over your window in summer will dramatically reduce heat throughout your house and will increase your privacy (whilst maintaining your view) all year round.

Wire Guide Blinds are also a great option for balconies, where nothing can be attached to the walls and they are also commonly used as promotional banners outside cafes, with logos and graphics printed on.

If you can't easily access the area you intend to install your blind, the motorised option is essential so you can operate it from inside.
These blinds can also come with a sun and wind sensor, automatically rolling down when the sun comes out, and if strong winds pick up it will safely retract back up.
Reasons to choose Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds
  • Don’t need an access point to operate them
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Modern and stylish with no visual distractions such as ropes, pullies or vertical joins
  • Spans up to 4m wide
  • Great for coastal dwellings
  • Effective at reducing heat and glare
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Available in a wide range of fabrics
  • Option to add motorisation
  • Option to add sun and wind sensor
  • 5 year warranty
Things to know
This blind is NOT RECOMMENDED for high wind areas.

This blind can be slightly harder to install than the Crank and Clip and can only be used as a straight drop.

Because this blind does not have channels you will have a 30-40mm gap down each side if it is fitted between posts. This gap can be reduced if the blind is fitted on the outside of posts.

However, if you are looking to fully enclose your outdoor area, this is probably not the blind for you.
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