HD Channel Plus
The premium outdoor blind. This version was designed to offer a few more options. Although the HD blind still remains our best seller the HD PLUS is the ideal blind for those who are seeking absolute blind perfection.

We have added nylon brushes inside the channels, which seal the fabric inside of the channel reducing any risk of the fabric flapping outside of the channel in strong winds and reduce the areas where insects can get in.

We have also added a powder coated bottom rail, which has been designed to handle strong weather (however we recommend that this blind should only span up to 4.1metres) with the added option to have a weather flap installed between the ground and the underside of the bottom rail for extra protection.

This blind looks best with a full hood box but can be made without one if you prefer.
Reasons to choose HD Channel Plus
  • Concealed side channels
  • Nylon brushes inside channels to reduce insects/fabric flapping in strong winds
  • Impressive/more stylish powder coated bottom rail
  • Option to add weather flap
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Modern and stylish with no visual distractions such as ropes, pullies or vertical joins
  • Stainless steel pins provide an easy way to lock your settings to any desired height
  • No friction on side channel with fabric
  • Spans up to 5.8m wide (but we recommend no more than 4.1m)
  • Great for coastal dwellings
  • Strongly reinforced bottom rail
  • Effective at reducing heat and glare
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Available in a wide range of fabrics
  • Option to add motorisation
  • 5 year warranty
Things to know
This blind can be slightly harder to install than the crank and clip and can only be used as a straight drop.

Although our bottom rail is engineered to reduce deflection in the middle part of the bottom rail, the wider you span your blind the more of a gap you will get under the centre of the bottom rail. We recommend that if your space is over 4.1m wide, add a post to split the opening. This will also make your blind more effective against strong winds.
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