With the addition of a Somfy Automated System almost any of our blinds can be easily operated with a remote control or smartphone. You will need to consider the power source.

Somfy systems allow you to have up to 10 blinds on 10 separate channels remote, giving you complete control of your outdoor space. These motorised blinds are really easy to install and programme, please refer to the downloadable pocket guides, if you need any assistance please call the Somfy Helpline to guide you step by step.

DIY Motorised Outdoor Blinds


Motor programming – this pocket guide provides the instructions you will need when first installing
Creating group channels – this guide is required is when you have more than one blind you want to group on one remote
Erasing pocket guide - if you have an old motor or a motor that you want to re-programme or change the setting then this shows you how to erase the settings and start again.

Please note:
There is one motor for each blind and it sits inside the ‘keyway’ (the tube that the fabric rolls around).

The motor is operated by one hand held control e.g. if you have 4 blinds we will send a remote that operates all blinds from the 1 remote.
If you are hard wiring these blinds it’s important that you arrange your electrician to be there on the day of installation to help programme the motors. If you are plugging them straight into a 240v GPO then you can programme them at any stage.

Programing Instructions

Somfy Helpline: 1800 076 639

Reasons to upgrade to Motorisation
  • Manage your outdoor space with the press of a button
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Provides great tension to the fabric
  • Stylish and modern
  • Discreet motor
  • Operates quickly and quietly
  • Long lasting
  • Ready to integrate with all other Somfy products
  • 5 year warranty, great service, Somfy are market leaders
And you can add a range of sun sensors
  • Rain Sensors to automatically lower your outdoor blinds at the first drop of rain
  • Wind sensors to automatically offer protection when the wind picks up
  • Motion sensors to automatically protect your privacy when you are using your outdoor area
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