The Benefits Of HD Channel Blinds
Published 15th Mar 2021

If you’re looking for household or commercial blinds ideal for Western Australia’s climate, HD Channel Blinds offer exceptional light control while also keeping out pests and fluctuating weather conditions.


What are HD Channel Blinds?


These blinds were designed specifically for use in WA, and avoid many of the problems inherent to standard window blinds, such as eliminating gaps to keep out mosquitoes and flies as well as heat. These blinds feature aluminium channels that offer optimal strength and can be controlled manually or by remote control. These blinds are produced to be strong and hard wearing, and are available for 65 millimetre and 75 millimetre wall faces.


Blind features and benefits


These premium blinds are easy to operate and don’t require much maintenance, with no joins to trap dust. As well as being functional, these blinds are also a stylish option for home window treatments, available in a wide range of colours and fabrics to suit your property’s design scheme.


Because there are no zips, ropes or pulleys present, you won’t have to worry about your blinds blocking your views of your garden and other outdoor areas. You also won’t have to worry about these blinds bowing over time, due to their sturdy welded pockets.


MIY Outdoor Blinds is a leading supplier of awnings, shades and custom made blinds, including HD Channel Blinds. Find out more about the blind styles available and arrange delivery of your DIY outdoor blinds.

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