Reduce Your Energy Bills with Outdoor Blinds
Published 6th Jan 2021

The high temperatures on the west coast of Australia lead many property owners to search for ways to keep their home cool during the scorching summer months. Air conditioning is tempting, but regular use is probably going to send your energy bill sky high. There are some other things you can consider to help keep your home cool during summer without paying the price on your electricity bill, and one of them is outdoor blinds.

Block out the sun

Blinds are often used to block out natural light during the day, but outdoor blinds are a very useful option to block the sun from streaming into your home and overheating it during balmy summer days.

Outdoor blinds are particularly effective in letting in the least amount of light and heat from the sun. As a result they provide a fantastic solution that addresses the problem before the heat even reaches the inside of your house. This reduces your power usage, making your home more energy-efficient, and, in turn, can result in a reduction in your energy bill.

Your local Perth outdoor blind expert can show you just how outdoor blinds can make your home much more bearable in hot weather by reducing temperatures in a room.

West-facing windows

With about 35% of the heat gain in your house coming from the windows, your west-facing windows are especially prone to being penetrated by the hot afternoon sun. Putting outdoor blinds on your west-facing windows can assist in significantly reducing the ambient temperature in your home.

Allowing in the warmth during cooler months

Not only can they keep your home cooler in summer, but outdoor blinds can also be used to help reduce energy costs from heating your home in winter.

If you install retractable outdoor blinds or folding arm awnings, for example, you will be able to allow the sun into your home during the cooler months of the year. This sunshine on your windows will then be allowed to penetrate those rooms, bringing warmth and light into your home.

This reduces the need to use heaters to warm up your home during the cooler months of the year. Different methods of heating are also significant contributors to home energy bills, so finding an eco-friendly alternative to keeping your house warmer is going to reduce your power cost and help the environment as well.

Various options

There are a huge range of outdoor blinds options available on the market to help you reduce your energy bills. These include subtle folding arm awnings and modern aluminium shutters. It is best to get advice on all the different options from a Perth outdoor blinds company that will tailor-make solutions specifically for your home.


Find out how you can use outdoor blinds to reduce your energy bills by contacting us today.

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