Ready Made Outdoor Blinds vs Custom Made Outdoor Blinds
Published 15th Feb 2021

If you are thinking about getting some new outdoor blinds installed, either for your home or business, you may be trying to decide whether to purchase readymade blinds and install them yourself or splash out and order custom made outdoor blinds and have them installed by a professional outdoor blind company. There are several reasons which make custom made blinds a sensible choice, so let’s take a looks at a few of them.


Do You Know What You Want? 

The first question to ask yourself is do you know what style of blind you want? With so many different styles on the market it can be tricky to choose. Do you want café blinds, bistro blinds or alfresco blinds, or is there even a difference between them all? Or do you want to go for something a little different like roof to fence blinds, HD Channel blinds or motorised blinds? Picking off the shelf can be difficult if you aren’t completely sure what you want. Getting an obligation free quote from a specialist outdoor blind company means that their trained professionals will be able to assess your outdoor area and recommend a style of blinds that would complement your area perfectly.


Can You Measure Them?

Secondly, ask yourself if you are confident when measuring up for your outdoor blinds? If the answer is ‘Not really’ then it would be wise to invest in custom made outdoor blinds that are professionally measured and will fit like a glove when they are installed.    The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money only to find they are a few centimetres too short or long.


Can You Install Them?

Speaking of installation, when you purchase readymade blinds, you will have to figure out how to install them yourself or even pay a third party to do the job. While some people may be perfectly confident and capable of doing this on their own, others may not and doing half a job would result in the outdoor blindsnot looking great and also not being able to live up to their full potential. Professional installation can ensure the longevity of your outdoor blinds and it also means they will look their best.


Do They Have A Warranty?

Whether you are purchasing readymade or custom made blinds, always check if they come with a warranty and how long it lasts. Readymade blinds will often come with a short, or even no warranty, whereas any reputable custom made outdoor blind supplier should offer a warranty for an extended period of time. MIY Outdoor Blinds Blinds offers a 5 year no questions asked guarantee on all their outdoor blinds, which gives you great peace of mind when purchasing.



For more information on our full range of outdoor blind styles, book a free no-obligation quote today.

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