MIY Shade Blind Fabrics - What To Choose
Published 20th Feb 2021

The team at MIY outdoor Blinds is committed to only producing quality products that will endure our clients’ lifestyles, the climate and regular use for many years. This is why we choose to use the finest quality fabrics in our range of outdoor blinds. Our clients have a choice between two premium fabrics when selecting the style of blinds for their domestic or commercial outdoor area. These are the MIY 95% mesh or the 99% block out mesh fabrics.


Both of these fabric choices are manufactured with a high-quality 2x2 weave, PVC coated, polyester woven shade mesh. They provide excellent sun, rain and wind protection, are mildew and abrasion resistant and colourfast – features that are ideal for our often harsh Western Australian environment. The fabric is FR-rated and self-extinguishing, and child safe according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. MIY outdoor blind fabrics don’t contain any harmful substances, are odourless and free of lead, mercury and chromium.


The outdoor Mesh fabrics both have outstanding features, and your choice in fabric will most likely be determined by the type of outdoor area and your specific preferences. 


If you are looking for an outdoor blind solution that will give you good cover and protection from the sun, and some privacy from onlookers, but doesn’t block your view completely and still allows fresh air to enter the area, then the 95% block out is the perfect fabric choice for you. Its 2x2 weave with heavy, 603gsm gauge yarn, has a 93% UV block out and a 96% rain and wind block. With mesh designed to provide optimum shading and visibility solutions, it is no wonder that 95% is our most popular product. The MIY 95% is available in 15 colour choices.


If your outdoor area requires a product that takes protection one step further than the 99% Mesh, then we recommend installing outdoor blinds with the MIY 99% fabrics. Its unique 2x2 tight-weave 610gsm yarn provides even greater strength and an incredible 99% UV, rain and wind block out. This extra level of protection is ideal for anyone who wants to protect their outdoor appliances and furniture from getting wet. The high UV block out ensures protection and comfort even on those scorching days when the sun’s rays are especially harsh. The 99% block out fabric also provides the best level of privacy, and nosey neighbours will find it much harder to look into your outdoor area. This fabric option can be customised in a choice of nine colour selections.


No matter which of the two fabrics you choose, you can rest assured that you have chosen a quality product that will enhance your outdoor living experience. All of the MIY Blinds products are customised and installed to perfectly suit your outdoor area and as a testimony of our trust in our products and fabrics, these fabrics come with a five year warranty. 


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