Interior Blinds vs Exterior Blinds
Published 13th Jan 2021

Choosing blinds for your home can be a bit daunting especially given that there are so many different types and styles to choose from.  The terminology can be a bit confusing and it’s not always easy to know what the right type, style, configuration, fabric and operating mechanism will be for your particular area.

On top of it all, the differences between interior and exterior blinds can complicate the decision-making process even further and the best piece of advice that you can get is to consult a reputable firm who will customise the perfect solution for you.

And don’t think that ‘customising’ your blinds equates to paying a premium.  On the contrary, getting an off-the-shelf product or going the DIY route can actually cost you more in the long run.  You’ll be surprised at just how affordable a tailor-made solution is plus you get the peace-of-mind of a quality, fully guaranteed installation that will enhance your lifestyle as well as enhance the look and the value of the your home.

To help cut through any confusion however, here’s a simple explanation about the differences between interior and exterior blinds.  What’s important to note however, is that one kind isn’t ‘superior’ to the other - it all depends on what is the best solution to meet individual needs.

Interior blinds are just that - they are installed on the inside of a window or door and come in a variety of styles, designs and colours.  They are a good way of adding a stylish decorating element and enhancing the atmosphere of a room, but they also serve an important practical purpose too, helping to regulate temperatures and control the amount of light into the room.   From cellular, pelmet and roller blinds to roman blinds, vertical blinds and panel glide blinds, interior blinds come in a wide variety of different designs and looks to suit every home, be it traditional classic or a cutting-edge contemporary.

And like their exterior counterparts, interior blinds come in a variety of materials (such as aluminium, timber and PVC) and fabric types including innovative ones that allow you to see outside while restricting visibility from the outside in. 

Exterior blinds work in much the same way, except that they are attached to the outside of the property and obviously have to be built from materials and components that can withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Exterior blinds also come in a range of different designs and materials to suit every application.  They offer a range of benefits including:

ü  expanding the possibilities for your outdoor area

ü  providing an effective barrier against the heat or cold, the sun’s harmful rays, rain, bugs, glare and noise

ü  improving security

ü  enhancing privacy

ü  enhancing comfort and convenience

ü  delivering energy savings (making a home cooler in summer and keeping it warmer in winter)

A key benefit of exterior blinds over interior blinds is that they have the ability to regulate temperatures before the cold or the heat hits the window.   In summer for example, it’s much more energy efficient to have an exterior blind preventing the sun’s rays from reaching the glass than it is to try and cool down the room once the heat has started to build up.

You can get exterior blinds in all sorts of innovative designs to suit every style of home - from crank, spring and clip outdoor blinds for your patio, sealed retractable blinds and straight drop blinds to fully motorised wire blinds.  They are available in different operating systems including the traditional cord-and-pulley operation, winding or spring-loaded or convenient, motorised operation (including solar powered ones).

They come in a variety of materials especially designed for exterior use, including clear or tinted PVC, mesh, canvas, vinyl and acrylics and it is important that all components and fixing are manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. 

Regardless of whether this article has shed some light on the differences between interior and exterior blinds, if you are considering installing blinds on your home, you really should talk to the experts before you make any commitment.  You’ll be surprised at just how affordable custom-designed blinds are, and if you choose a reputable manufacturer like MIY Outdoor Blinds, you will be guaranteed of high quality, long-lasting and good-looking products.  

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