Extending The Life of Your Outdoor Blinds
Published 20th Jan 2021

If you have just installed a brand new set of beautiful outdoor blinds around your home’s patio area, you’re probably looking for ways to keep them looking and feeling brand new for as long as possible. Outdoor blinds provide excellent protection from the elements, but this also means that they are regularly exposed to harsh conditions such as sunlight, wind and rain. Fortunately, you can counteract the weather’s impact and extend the life of your outdoor blinds with the following care and maintenance tips. 


Regular cleaning


The best way to look after your outdoor blinds and keep them in their best shape is by regularly cleaning both sides. By cleaning your outdoor blinds often, you also reduce the need to use harsher methods to remove dirt build up or tough stains. The following process is recommended for cleaning your blinds:


1.       Clean the fabric with a soft cloth and water. You can also use your hose on a gentle setting to rinse the blinds with cold water.


2.       If any dirt remains, clean the fabric with a soft cloth or sponge and mild, soapy water.


3.       Rinse off all the soap with fresh water, wipe the blinds with a soft dry cloth and let it air dry completely before you roll the outdoor blinds up. (If you store your blinds while still damp, it may form mildew or rust which can damage the product.)


Never use harsh cleaning methods such as scrubbing or hard rubbing to clean your blinds, and take care not to let any insecticides, chlorine or other harsh chemicals get into contact with the fabric, as this could severely damage the fabric surface of the blinds.


Regular maintenance


Apart from keeping your product clean, there are also a few maintenance procedures you can follow to make sure that your outdoor blinds will last much longer.


  • Remove stains – Always remove stains as soon as they show up. Use a weak solution of household detergent in lukewarm water and a soft cloth to gently wipe the stains off the fabric. Rinse the fabric with fresh water once the stain has been removed.


  • Check for mildew – Mildew may at times appear on your outdoor blinds, especially during humid weather conditions. Gently brush off the mildew with a soft bristled brush and then rinse the material and let it dry in the sun.


  • Check for any tears or loose threads – Regularly check for any issues that are affecting the fabric, such as small tears or signs of wear and tear. Contact your outdoor blinds supplier for the best advice on how to fix it, or to organise a replacement if the product is under warranty.


  • Retain your outdoor blinds’ shape –Outdoor blinds which are rolled up for extended periods of time may become creased and lose some of its shape. Unwind and secure your blinds in a position with good tension for a few hours, at least once a week, to help retain its original shape and flexibility.  


  • Secure the blinds during strong winds and storms – Prevent damage during storms by rolling up the blinds and securing them tightly. You can open them up to dry thoroughly once the storm has passed.


These cleaning and maintenance tips can do a brilliant job at extending the life your outdoor blinds, but to ensure that your outdoor blinds will be able to endure your lifestyle and the harsh Western Australian weather for many years, you should invest in a quality product from a reputable supplier.


We have been manufacturing and installing outdoor blinds for more than eight years. With a range of quality outdoor solutions that will suit any outdoor area and their clients’ preferences perfectly, we have earned a solid reputation for being one of the leaders in the field. All of our products are manufactured from top quality materials and installed with care and expertise to guarantee that it not only looks great, but performs well and lasts during any conditions. 

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