Easy Tips For Looking After Your Outdoor Blinds This Summer
Published 24th Dec 2020

Don’t let anything spoil your alfresco fun this summer - simply follow these easy tips for looking after your outdoor blinds and shutters so that they do their job to perfection while you enjoy the seasonal celebrations.

1.                Depending on where you live, summer can bring some pretty heavy rain and winds - and it is important to clean your shutters or blinds regularly to remove any dirt build-up and prevent staining. There also may be some mould or mildew on your awnings or blinds after a damp winter, and it’s important to clean that off before any damage is caused.

2.               Always use a soft cloth with no abrasive surface (a microfibre cloth is best) and don’t use full-strength detergents or harsh cleaning fluids, products containing bleach or chemical sprays.  These may scratch, discolour or damage the surface or the fabric.

3.               You can use an ordinary garden hose on aluminium shutters, but never use a high-pressure one as this may damage the structure.

4.               Be careful of using bore water on your outdoor shutters or blinds, especially in places like Perth where the iron dissolved in groundwater can result in unsightly reddish-brown rust stains.

5.               Summer is the season for the return of migratory birds, so with the increased activity of your feathered friends, it’s important to remove any bird droppings from your outdoor shutters and blinds on a regular basis.  To get rid of stubborn droppings, leave a wet and warm sponge on the area for a little while and then wipe it away.

6.                If summers are humid in your area, then it’s important to clean your outdoor shade products regularly to prevent mould from building up.

7.                Leave your blinds down as often as possible to allow the material to rest.  This also enables an optimum taut finish for the blinds.

8.                Your outdoor blinds are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions like summer storms and searing heat (and of course, to provide year-round protection), but if they are wet or damp from rain (or cleaning), don’t roll them up until they are completely dry.  If you don’t, moisture may be trapped between the rolled-up layers and mcan cause damage over the long-term.

9.                Give the tracks a quick once-over at the start of summer with a silicon spray to keep them well lubricated and operating smoothly.


Whilst it is true that one of the main benefits of aluminium shutters and outdoor blinds is that they are low-maintenance products that require minimum attention for maximum benefits, they do need regular maintenance to make sure they continue to look fabulous and provide the best possible protection for you and your property.  


For more friendly advice and recommendations on caring for your outdoor shade products, give the experts at MIY Outdoor Blinds a call on 1300 778 524.

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