6 Questions To Ask When Choosing Outdoor Blinds
Published 9th Dec 2020

Choosing outdoor blinds for your home can be a daunting task – how do you know what would be the best kind of blind for your alfresco area? Café blinds, alfresco blinds, HD channel blinds – with so many types of outdoor blind on the market, there are a few questions you can ask yourself in order to try and narrow down which blinds to choose and where to buy them.


1. What Size Blinds Would Suit My Space?

Depending on how big your outdoor area is, you may need to consider whether large blinds would fit or whether several smaller blinds would work better. If you need a blind over 5 metres in width with no fabric joins, talk to us as we are the only outdoor blinds company in Perth to manufacture HD channel blinds up to 5.8m wide with no fabric joins required.


2. Should I Install Them Myself?

Even the most confident of DIYers should definitely consider having their outdoor blinds professionally installed. Professional blind manufacturers and installers will usually come out to your home for a free, no-obligation quote. Your space will be measured professionally to ensure blinds are perfectly customised to your home and requirements, so there is no chance of your blinds arriving and not fitting properly. Having your blinds installed by professionals also means you don’t have to worry about which blind goes where and which way round!


3. Manual Or Motorised?

With so many different types of blinds on the market, once you have chosen your style of outdoor blind, the next choice is manual or motorised. Motorised blinds are a great option if you need an extra degree of safety as there are no cords involved, or if you want a higher ease of access. Motorised blinds are simple to operate with a remote control that can either be fixed to a wall or portable and can also be operated from inside or outside.


4. What’s Your Local Climate Like?

We often think about getting outdoor blinds when the weather starts to warm up, but also consider that outdoor blinds can be useful during the cooler months as well. Café blinds can work well as protection from wind and rain, making your alfresco area useable all year round.


5. Which Supplier Can I Trust?

Make sure you do your homework when choosing a professional custom made blinds supplier. Select a supplier not solely based on their cost but their reputation and customer service as well.


6. Do My Blinds Come With A Warranty?

Custom made blinds should have some form of warranty with them so check with your potential suppliers as to what they can offer. For a five year, no questions asked warranty, speak to the experts at MIY Outdoor Blinds.


Still undecided about what style of blind will suit your outdoor area? Can’t choose between manually operated or motorised blinds? Call us today.

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